Passenger transportation

Passengers are transported by modern, well equipped and comfortable for long journeys mini buses, driven by professional, helpful, polite and friendly drivers. During journey passengers have possibility to enjoy all kinds of music and watch the newest films. According to travelers wishes buses stop for longer or shorter breaks. The longer breaks are planned in reliable and well reviewed eating places.

Passengers are allowed:

  • 2 pieces of baggage and hand luggage.
  • 150 cigarettes.


Passengers are not allowed:
By regulations of experts of United Nations or/and according rules of a destination country- forbidden items, materials and products, such as:

  • drugs, alcohol and tobacco;
  • weapons, ammunition and explosives;
  • perishable goods;
  • money, jewelry, antiques;
  • toxic and corrodible substances;
  • illegal audio and video materials;
  • corpses or body parts;
  • items should be carried under special conditions;
  • items should be carried under special regulations;
  • hazardous items.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden on board.

Passenger are reminded not to forget passports and other documents. Passengers are advised to wear comfortable clothes, footwear and have drinkable water.